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Monthly Pricing - by Data Volume
NO EXCESS CHARGES: We email you when your usage reaches 80% of your plan limit and we temporarily suspend the account at 100%

Plan Name Data Allowance Monthly base cost
Swag 1000 MByte $21.50
Homestead 3000 MByte $33.00
Station 6000 MByte $54.00

Hardware options

Huawei E3131 HSDPA Modem. Not locked to a network. $35.00 NEW Nov 2012
USB extension Cable (1 metre) $5.00
USB extension Cable (5 metres) $11.00
Replacement SIM card $11.00

Downloads & Uploads count towards included MBytes. All plans will be stopped if they reach 6GB data, except the 6GV plan which will be stopped at 7GB data.

The plan billing cycle is monthly, commencing on the 1st of the month. New accounts will be charged a prorata amount to align with the monthly billing cycle. You can change plans at any time, with a prorata amount being applied at the time of the change.

The Service is a residential grade service and applications that are sensitive to latency, jitter or packet loss, such as voice or real time video streaming, or require high volume continuous file transfers may be adversely affected. It is a mobility internet access product and not intended to be used as a fixed broadband replacement.

The service should not to be used for the provision of services to support peer to peer applications (encrypted or unencrypted).

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